And so it begins…

Welcome players! This is the campaign The Long Night Watch. I find it good that you here and ready to play. Below are just some ground rules for character generation.

Character Guidelines

1.)This is meant to a difficult land to live in, that will be reflected in modifiers to your character that depend on things like when was the last time you slept, your last meal, hydration, and even the clothes you choose to where.
2.)Magic will not be a very common. If you choose to be a magaic user class, you should be aware of this because there will be more difficulties than usual for magic user, such as the lack of finding spells.
3.)While it is allowed to be differing races, I implore you to stick with the basic. Elf, Human, Halfling, Dwarf and at the most extreme an Orc. Though human would be preferable, and because of that i will allow that if you play a human you add 1 to a single ability score.
4.)Any class is allowed, although the barbarian and its sub classes can be difficult to work into the campaign.

Character Creation

The Long Night Watch

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