Character Creation

Character Creation

The first step of the creation process is to determine if your character is from a noble family or lowborn. If noble, the player must decide what house they are from. The list of Noble Families and information on them on the following page: Houses. This can be chosen or rolled; either way it doesn’t matter because you’ll be a brother of the Night Watch and honor there is given for actions not birth.

Then follow basic procedure for getting your attributes: 3 dice, re-roll 1’s.
Look up the names of the your siblings if your of noble birth in the Houses. However if your of lowborn birth, feel free to develop your own family names and siblings.

All Players start with 200 gold. Though feel free to question me about my elastic equipment clause.

Then once your done with the stats and equipment, give your character a back story for being at the Wall. Did they commit a crime or are they second born son who wanted the chance to win glory? Just make sure you have a reason to be a brother of the Night’s Watch.

Place the following Template in the crunch section of character creation under the Character Tab:

Personal Info

Str: __ To Hit: __ Damage: __ Encumberance: __ Open Doors: __ Wizard Lock: __ Bars/Gate: __
Dex: __ Suprise: __ To Hit: __ AC: __ Save: __
Con: __ HP Bonus: __ Min Roll: __ System Shock: __ Resurrection Survival: __ Save vs. Person: __
Int: __ Language Bonus: __
Wis: __ Will Bonus: __
Cha: __ Max Henchmen: __ Loyalty Bonus: __ Reaction Bonus: __
Com: __ Reaction: __ Fascinate (opp): __ Fascinate (same): __

Derived Stats
AC: __
THAC0: __
HP: __


Weapon Proficiencies


Place this Template in the biography section of the Character Creation section under the Character Tab:


Social Status:
Number of siblings:
Birth Order:
Family Honor:
Personal Honor:

The Gods: old and new

The seven

mother is a smiling protector of children, mothers, and innocents. She is prayed to when a woman finds herself with child.
father is depicted as bearded and sometimes crowned. He has a judicial role in the pantheon, called upon to aid in judgement. The Father is also asked to judge the dead fairly during funeral services.
warrior patron of battles and soldiers, is portrayed wielding a sword. Faithful worshipers of the new gods will beseech him for victory in war or courage in battle.
smith is the guardian of all things manufactured. He also fixes things that are broken, and as such is considered a god of healing and a protector of the crippled.
crone is the face of fate, often seen carrying a lantern. It is said that she let the first raven into the world when she peered through the door of death. Worshipers implore her to grant them wisdom.
maid is the beautiful benefactor of young women, girls, and lovers; she is prayed to when any of these need looking after. Her courage is often sought as a blessing for young girls to help them navigate the dangers of growing up in the world.
stranger is the face of duality, seen as male and female or neither, and as human and not (some idols have half-animal faces). The Stranger is a wanderer in the far places, seen as the face of death. The Stranger is also the dark guide who leads the newly dead to the other world, and judges whether a soul is punished and sent to the seven hells, or rewarded.

If you choose to use the seven as your deity, mark it as the seven but choose your personal favorite.

The Old Gods

the gods of the original first men. not much is not about them. Gods woods and Heart Trees are their holy sights unlike the seven. Not many still worship the old gods except for those in the north.

Character Creation

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